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  1. Wow! The liter of light is an amazing simple process for providing light at a sustainable rate for developing countries. Ingenious. Don’t think it would work in Pacific NW. First, you have to start out with sunlight! Something that is foreign to us during the winter. It just lets us know how much we Americans are accustomed to just flipping a switch. -Kathryn

    • Kathryn Cowan
  2. Merry Christmas, Chris. First Christmas without you. I hope next year isn’t as hard. Wishing you love and laughter on this special day- even if it isn’t a recognized holiday in the Gambia. With all my love- Rosanna

    • Rosanna Thomas
  3. we love reading your blog photos comments stories
    so insightful and i am sharing your thoughts w my boys ages 6 and 9
    so proud of you cousin
    love you

    • cousin ceci
  4. So cool Chris. Joining the peace corps was always a fantasy of mine. Have a great time.

    • Holly Dunn
  5. Love the comments! Thank you.

    • Tricia Cate
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